The PCBL Board amended the organizational bylaws at its November 3, 2017 meeting.

Bylaws-Revised-2017 (pdf)


Emeritus Status

In response to questions raised at the 2013 annual meeting, the PCBL Board established emeritus status as a new category of membership. The proposed bylaws changes were approved at the June 7, 2013 Board meeting, posted on this website for review, presented at the Annual Meeting on October 20, 2013, and adopted.  [Approved additions to the bylaws are noted in red italic.]

  1. Emeritus status is intended to be honorary with no required responsibilities.
  2. The person may attend Board meetings as a nonvoting member.
  3. The status confers lifetime membership and freedom from payment of annual dues.
  4. Nomination will be made in writing to the Nominating Committee who makes a recommendation to the Board.
  5. The Board votes to approve and notifies the recipient.
  6. A resolution adopted by the Board on June 7 explains the details of the process.

Emeritus Status Resolution

The Pennsylvania Citizens for Better Libraries Board adopted this resolution on June 7, 2013 to add the seventh category of Emeritus to membership. 

Emeritus status is the seventh category, an individual membership, awarded to a PCBL Board leader honored with life-long recognition for work and service above and beyond expectations to the organization. An Emeritus member is free from payment of dues and has no designated responsibilities. The Emeritus member is welcome to participate as a non-voting member of the Board or to serve on special projects or committees by request. 


Emeritus status is intended to be a special honor awarded to a PCBL Board leader who has made a significant contribution to the organization over several terms. It is recommended that the person have offered extraordinary service for more than a decade with diligent participation, hard work, and generosity of time, talent and financial support. It is an honor meant to be awarded sparingly for service that is steadfast, ever beyond expectation and significant to the organization. 


Any person may submit a name by letter or email to the Chair of the Nominating Committee explaining why the nominee should be honored. Suggested names will be shared in confidence with the Nominating Committee who will make recommendation to the PCBL Board. As provided in the bylaws, the Board’s approval or disapproval is done by a majority vote of those present. 


A letter of notification from the Board President will be sent to each recipient of Emeritus membership. The Emeritus member will be publicly honored and acknowledged. Emeritus members will be listed as board members and receive all communications and invitations. There will be no upper or lower limits on the number of Emeritus memberships awarded.