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Letter from the Membership Chair

January 2018

Dear Member,

Thank you for your support again in this critical budget year.  The State Aid funding for public libraries remains level for the fiscal year 2017-2018 but the cost for "doing business" continues to increase.  Fortunately, Friends and Friends Groups have stepped up to the plate and helped the libraries through another year.  Advocacy efforts of PCBL, its members, and public libraries must continue throughout the year. 

PCBL held its fourth successful Friends Institute this past September.  More than 325 Friends attended the four day-long Institutes. These Institutes have been a major effort by PCBL to continue to educate and inform Friends about a wide range of topics.  Your membership helps tremendously to support these programs.Please plan to attend the Institute this year which will be held in western Pennsylvania September 15, 2018.  Details will be announced in the spring.

PCBL needs your continued support for its advocacy and continuing education efforts. We thank you for your past support in these efforts. Now is the time to get ready for 2018 and part of that preparation is renewing your PCBL membership so that we can continue our work in library advocacy and assisting Friends Groups.

Please take time now to renew your membership for 2018.

PCBL plays a number of roles in library advocacy and Friends education:

  • PCBL works with, and assists in the training of, Friends, trustees, and library staff.
  • PCBL presents annual awards to outstanding supporters of libraries.
  • PCBL provides continuing education opportunities for its members through sponsoring the Friends Institute or simply providing speakers for your regular Friends meetings.
  • PCBL members participate in State and Federal legislative actions affecting libraries.

Communications among Friends is critical and important. Please provide your email address so that we can communicate with you.

The PCBL-Forum is our email listserv and provides an opportunity for members to network about issues and concerns. You are automatically put on the listserv as a member unless you check the block on the application indicating you wish not to participate. You can use this listserv to write to other members about issues of concern to you and to see concerns of other members.

Equally important is our website (www.pcblpa.org). The site is complete with information on membership benefits, award annuals, how you can contact us, and other PCBL activities. Check this website often for updates about PCBL and other happenings in the state.

PCBL needs your commitment, your voice, and your support.

Please renew your membership now.

Thank you.